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Adult Leisure Time Video 36

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Live like a again—but this time with booze. Summer camp: where many a ’s strongest summer memories and friendships are made. A time of lakeside swims and

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You are going on vacation to New York City for one week, but before you go, you want to plan your leisure activities. Use the Internet to find information and then

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Adult Leisure Time Video 45

Gary Hofstetter, president of a private equity real estate fund in Boston, describes himself as a “suit on State Street.” That’s quite a change from the late 1960s

Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards is a graphic adventure game originally released in 1987 as the first part of the Leisure Suit Larry series.

The inclusion of sex and nudity in video games has been a controversial topic since the early days of the industry. While many video games have used scantily clad

A video instructional series in Spanish for college and high college classrooms and adult learners; 52 half-hour video programs divided into two parts (Part I programs

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