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Crayon artwork using melted crayons has been the crafting rage for awhile now, usually in combination with a hair dryer. I started tooling around with other

Long ago, when there wasn’t any reason to Beat the Heat. My mom had a bucket full of old crayons with lots of bits and pieces. So, Henry, Grandma and I made some

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This is an easy, straightforward project that delivers a lot of graphic impact for not very much effort. Seriously, the hardest part is unwrapping all the crayons.

Waxes are organic compounds that characteristically consist of long alkyl chains. They may also include various functional groups such as fatty acids, primary and

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Melted Crayon Easter Eggs ~ How to dye your eggs with melted crayons. If you are looking for a fun new way to dye your Easter eggs this year, then give this a try.

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What to do with crayons? Besides coloring, you can create art and crafts with crayons, or even learn or play activities with crayons.

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Gather your materials. You will need some crayons, aluminum foil, cookie cutters, a paper plate and a very hot sunny spot. Start by peeling and breaking your crayons

Starry Night Art Project for s - recreate Van Gogh’s masterpiece by melting grated crayons on aluminum foil!  I’m really excited to share this project  with you!

Organizing your furniture first-aid kit in plastic caddies makes supplies readily available when you need them. Divided containers are ideal for corralling small

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How to Reuse Broken Crayons. After many uses, crayons break, become blunt, or get used down to their stubs. Rather than throw away broken crayons, recycle them for

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