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Electrodes, reusable and disposable, carbon rubber electrodes, sterile electrodes, hypo-allergenic electrodes, and more.

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We only sell top-quality Tens Unit and EMS Unit electrodes and electrode pads. Even our economy model electrodes have passed our high quality standards.

The TENS 3-in-1 Physiotherapy Thera3™ by ProActive™ is a 3-in-1 (TENS, EMS & massage) device with 78 pre-set programs and the ability to fully customize treatment

How to Place Electrodes for a Tens Unit. TENS stands for “transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.” This is a pain management technique in which small electrodes

LGMedSupply offers a wide TENS Units, Muscle Stimulators, and Ultrasound Units. Order Our Top Selling TENS unit and Muscle Stimulator Combo Machine for Effective Pain

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Medical Products Online Provides High Quality Tens Units, Portable Tens Machine, Muscle Stimulators, Ultrasound Therapy Units for people in acute and chronic pain.

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Central facial palsy (colloquially referred to as central seven) is a symptom or finding characterized by paralysis or paresis of the lower half of one side of the face.

LG 5.0 Electronic Muscle Stimulator Unit with Hard Carrying Case, Electrodes, and Battery Included

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SCENAR-COSMODIC Accessories. Remote Electrodes for SCENAR and COSMODIC ® WHY do we need to supplement SCENAR and, especially, COSMODIC ® devices with remote

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The facial feedback hypothesis states that facial movement can influence emotional experience. For example, an individual who is forced to smile during a social event

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